The Legacy of Master Ho Yi


As Sifu Wong explained in the text we have translated for the previous articles, the legacy of Master Ho Yi within Futsan’s Hung Sing Kwoon and Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut is huge.

Nowadays the Temple is led by a large numer of masters and their disciples who ensure that everything works like clockwork and that the style is maintained and expanded as they were taught. A large part of these members are Ho Yi’s pupils or students of these. Perhaps in the west many of them are not known, but precisely for that reason, so that all practitioners of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut and Choy Lee Fut in general from all the world are able to know them, we wanted to write this article.


Wong Zen Gong

Sifu Wong Zen Gong, author of the article we have translated, is much more than just a master, he is the current Headmaster of the Hung Sing Kwoon and we could say that his style, personality and way of doing things are widely noticed in all the activities they do. Usually in Futsan everyone refers to him as “Kwoon Cheung” (director or headmaster of the school). Due to the importance that kung fu has in this city, this also makes him one of the most relevant people in Futsan and it is easy to see him in documentaries,, brochures and tourist books.

Sifu Wong was chosen by his own peers, many of whom are the highest level Masters of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut in the world, among many other things because of how he represents the style but also the values, the “wude”, of the temple, something that all schools talk about, respect, humility… but that in the Hung Sing Kwoon is a basic pillar of their teachings.

I personally consider an honor and a privilege having been able to spend so much time with Sifu Wong and thus learn the values of Hung Sing Kwoon.

Ho Choek Wah

My Master, Sifu Ho Choek Wah, started studying with his father but he sent him to learn from Ho Yi when he saw that this opportunity existed. Together with Master Wong he forms the leadership of the temple. How different they are makes this union perfect, although Sifo Ho has an overwhelming personality and an imposing presence, he is a man of few words and low profile for whom appearing in photos does not make much sense. However, his knowledge of  the style, his medical skills, the fact that he continues with the legacy of his father and his mere figure, make him an essential member, loved and respected. The perfect complement to Master Wong’s character.


Wong Man Kai

Sifu Wong Man Kai is part of the group of Ho Yi’s students who have a prominent presence in the temple and it is usual to see him in all the important celebrations of Hung Sing Kwoon, he also goes frequently to train at night where his presence is felt because he is simply one of the most elegant and powerful masters I have been lucky to watch.

His Choy Lee Fut is strong, aesthetic, fast and destructive, joining in him all the characteristics that define our style, in short, it is a spectacle to see him.

He is also the master of some of the young sifu who continue with the tradition and who teach at the temple, so Ho Yi’s legacy continues through him his lineage in Futsan.

Ng Bak Kyun

Master Ng is currently the elderest sifu who regularly participates in the temple activities. Like many of Ho Yi’s students, he regularly attends the Hung Sing Kwoon to supervise the trainings and to represent the temple in the different acts they perform. He is a well-loved and respected teacher and among his students his fighting knowledge always stands out.

Sifu Ng Bak Kyun is the Master of three of the next generation Sifu who are most involved in the development of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut and who in turn have more students, so his lineage has great importance within the temple right now.

In this photo, Sifu Ng stands in the center together with his student Sifu Poon. On both sides there are two students of Sifu Poon, thus bringing together three generations of the Hung Sing Kwoon in the same photo 

Zyu Chiu Jing

Master Zyu Chiu Jing is one of the leaders of the Hung Sing Kwon lion dance team, he is a master whose presence commands respect and who has been responsible in recent decades for the Lion Dance of Futsan Temple to be recognized as one of the best in the city, Which has a lot of merit because kung fu and lion dance are a vital part of this city and you literally can’t take a walk without finding a martial arts school, a statue, a drawing, or something else that references this topic.

In addition to belonging to the Ho Yi lineage, Sifu Zyu has great importance in the Hung Sing Kwoon as the grandson of Zyu Jan, a third-generation teacher and student of Chan Ngau Sing.

These are just some of the Ho Yi students I have been lucky enough to meet, writing about them all would be very long and complicated due to their large number, but I would like to highlight among those who have not personally met Ho Gam Wah, his son, who for obvious reasons occupies a very important place within the lineage of Choy Lee Fu.


Next generations of Ho Yi’s legacy

Many, many, have been and still are the students of the Masters I have mentioned above, but because of their current presence in the temple I would like to highlight especially several of them who continue to transmit day by day and week by week the Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut:

Chau Seung Ching
Master Chau Seung Ching is a student of Sifu Ng Bak Kyun and a cornerstone of the temple right now as most of the children who enter pass through her hands. It is really a pleasure to see her teaching the youngest members of the Hung Sing Kwoon as she achieves a perfect mix of affection and discipline that brings out the best of children. The truth is that both her and Sifu Li Wei Fong have a lot to do with the development of Hung Sing Kwoon and it is admirable the quality achieved by their students, some of whom are barely five or six years old.


Poon Sing Kwong

Master Poon Sing Kwong is also a student of Master Ng Bak Kyun and in turn he himself is Sifu of a good part of the young people of the temple who are between 18 and 30 years old. He never misses the appointment on Friday and Saturday nights at the Hung Sing Kwoon and although he is rarely seen in photos and social events his presence as a coach of the new generations of the temple is very important.

Sifu Poon with two of his students, Chang Qi, and Lai Zi Ming

Li Wei Fong

Sifu Li Wei Fong is a student of Master Wong Man Kai. The three most important lineages of the Hung Sing Kwoon converge in this young Sifu since he has three masters inside the temple, his first teacher, Sifu Lok, was a student of Ho Cheung, the second one, Sifu Leung Wai Wing, was first a student of Ho Cheung and then of Chui Kwong Yuen and the third, Master Wong Man Kai, was it of Ho Yi.

Besides, we could also say that he is the right hand of the Headmaster, Sifu Wong Zen Gong, when it comes to organizing training, championships and exhibitions in which they participate, so his importance whitin the temple is maximum. Although he is a low-profile person, the truth is that there is not a single event that is organized in the Hung Sing Kwoon in which Sifu Li is not present and it is really difficult to express in a few lines the dedication, love and the amount of hours that this Sifu devotes to teaching in a completely selfless way, just to help the spread of Hung Sing Choy Li Fut and the good name of the temple and its Masters.

Lo Hoi Qing

Sifu Lo Hoi Qing has two masters inside the temple, both Ho Yi’s students. With Sifu Wong Man Kai he studied Hung Sing Choy Li Fut and with Sifu Zyu Chiu Jing he learned the art of Lion Dance.

He is currently one of the teachers who trains and directs the Kwoon Lion Dance Team, never misses the appointment at the temple at night where he can be seen practicing with his students and also accompanies them in celebrations and ceremonies where temple equipment is required.

Sifu Lo is a teacher with a very cheerful and open character with whom you can train and learn about Choy Li Fut, Lion Dance and talk about great stories of Hung Sing Kwoon.


I hope this part of the article about Ho Yi’s legacy has served to make the figure of this great Master and his lineage better known and that it is a good reading for all the lovers of this beautiful style.



María Arias Antoranz 何天萍

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